We’re very excited about the changes to Forum for the upcoming year. In 2014, CSF becomes CSFX! The X theme signifies not only the fact that it’s our 10th year, but also that we’ve added an extra dimension to the conference’s mandate this year: Experiential Marketing.

It’s the perfect extension, as sponsorship activations provide an ideal forum for consumers to see, hear, taste, feel and interact with products and services. At CSFX, we will be covering all aspects of experiential marketing, from live activation to digital experiences and activations through other media.

So it’s time to crank it up to 10! And that won’t be hard to do, since we’ll be putting on our blue suede shoes and partnering with a world-class music festival in the RBC Bluesfest, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014. That will ensure a milestone event experience for all.

You’ll get a broader scope, a deeper experience, and more content than ever before.

In other words, it will rock!