To be the Ultimate Fighting Champion in group travel, Hotel Planner spearheads a new campaign to sponsor youth teams struggling in this down-and-out economy.

You have seen the commercials and laughed. Two superheroes in blue tights chest-bumping at a wedding or saving the distressed damsel from the clutches of evil incarnate, namely a self-obsessed pretty boy. You have heard Hotel Planner challenge the world with its guarantee to get the lowest rates or pay for your hotel room. You may have even wondered if these building-leaping feats were possible.

This new campaign springboards off this commercial catalyst to bigger and more heroic things. A pioneering and major leader in group travel for the past decade, Hotel Planner handles 1,000 group leads a day.  They handle everything from small business meetings to behemoth weddings, charity events, reunions and other special events. With this new campaign, the company focuses its attention on team travel.

It might be your local, girls, volleyball team struggling with school budget cuts or that excelling high school football team traveling to the all-at-stake playoffs. Whatever the dire needs be, Hotel Planner promises to deliver the best deals. And it already has. The company takes care of the group travel needs of five major sports teams. These teams are the LA Clippers, the NJ Nets, the Florida Panthers, the Golden State Warriors and the San Diego Chargers.  And that is just the beginning.

Showing that self-starter initiative the company is known for, this campaign is going after team travel business by offering to pay half of the hotel costs for deserving sports teams. To apply, participating teams must simply write why their group is deserving of the special promotional deal and email their reply to

Enduring the climate of a troubled and uncertain economy takes patience and innovation. Hotel Planner will not fold its hand but ups the ante with this new campaign to promote travel among youth teams. Tough times call for resilient responses. responds with resilience, brilliance and superhero intelligence.